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  • Master degree in Accounting
  • At least three years’ experience of working for a humanitarian aid organization in similar roles or other finance position.
  • Experience of computerized accounting programs.
  • Must be Turkish citizen with full knowledge of local laws, taxes , social security etc.
  • Knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standards, International Standards on Auditing, Generally accepted accounting principles and specific donor guidelines e.g. SIDA, ECHO, WFP, UNHCR etc
  • Knowledge of preparing financial statements of the entity and financial reports of a project.
  • Previous experience with audit firm will be an added advantage;
  • Skeptic mind candidates will be preferred;

·         Knowledge of working in ERP system e.g. Microsoft Dynamics AX, SUN, Oracle etc will be an added advantage;
·         Problem solving and decision-making aptitude;
·         Ability to work independently as well as a team member;
·         Ability to work under pressure and in an unstructured environment;
·         Must demonstrate flexibility, and ability to readily adapt to changing requirements and environments;
·         Strong organizational and analytical skills;
·         In addition to Turkish language, the incumbent must able to speak and write English language;
·         Arabic language proficiency is an additional advantage;
·         Strong commitment to IRW’s values and believes (Link)
·         Must have cultural sensitivity and the ability to work in a multi-cultural team;
·         Must be Turkish National

  • Stress and time management skills will be an added advantage.
  • The incumbent must maintain strict confidentiality in performing the duties. 
  • Communications skills:
    • Effective written communications skills.
    • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English and Turkish language. 
  • Personal Attributes:
    • The incumbent must also demonstrate the following personal attributes:
    • Be honest and trustworthy.
    • Be respectful and flexible.
    • Possess cultural awareness and sensitivity and demonstrate sound work ethics.

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Job Title:                                            Finance Officer
Functional Title:                             Audit Officer
Department:                                    Finance
Location:                                            Istanbul
Reporting to:                                    Finance Coordinator
The Finance Officer – audit will be responsible for maintaining financial system in order to support operations and meet legislative requirements of the Organization.
Scope of the work:
The Finance officer – audit will report to finance coordinator (Budgeting, reporting and Audit) and will be responsible for preparing financial statements of individual project as well as of the entity; ensuring complete disclosure of financial facts and figures as per donor, legal and statutory requirements. The incumbent need to ensure implementation of sound internal controls over cash, bank, assets, procurement, payables, receivables and receipts. Further, the position holder need to perform the reviews to assess the strength and adequacy of the financial systems and business processes of implementing partners. The Finance officer – audit must work within the framework of donor provided guidelines in addition to international financial reporting standards, international standards on auditing, legal and statutory requirements of local laws, generally accepted accounting principles, organizational policies, procedures and in compliant with Islamic Relief financial guidelines.
Failure to provide adequate services may result in lost or misused revenues, inaccurate financial statements and financial hardships for employees, contractors and suppliers.
Major responsibilities and target accomplishments expected of the position including the typical problems encountered in carrying out the responsibilities:

  • Preparation of project receipt and expenditure statements according to the donor guidelines;
  • Coordination with HQ regarding selection of auditors for project and entity level audit;
  • Preparation of auditor Terms of References (ToRs) as per donor guidelines;
  • Coordination with other stakeholders during solicitation process of auditors;
  • Ensure that quality audit firm will be selected for any audit / review engagement keeping in view the project budget and donor requirements;
  • Circulation of engagement ToRs and ensuring its circulation to wider audience;
  • Drafting the ToRs with suitable parameters and ensure selection of audit firm based on merit;
  • Ensure engagement letters / contracts are signed by both parties prior to start of assignment;
  • Act as a focal person for all donor, internal and statutory audits;
  • Coordinate with other departments for ensuring smooth engagement performance;
  • Coordinate with other department including other finance functions for provision of required documentations to auditors;
  • Ensure that proper initiation and exit meetings are held and minuted;
  • Ensure that auditors observations are properly addressed and documented;
  • Ensure that draft and final audit reports are documented and properly filed in respective folders;
  • Ensure that audit adjustments are posted in the system with proper support documents;
  • Ensure that management letters points are addressed by respective departments;
  • Perform financial system review on monthly basis, identify weakness and suggest corrective measures to the management;
  • Ensure proper follow ups on audit recommendations and action plans are prepared by respective departments;
  • Perform frequent procurement, financial and HR process review and suggest value additions;
  • Ensure that legal and statutory requirements are properly met in respect of audits;
  • Ensure safe custody of audit reports and submission to respective authorities upon management directions;
  • Ensure annual audits are performed and completed within stipulated time mentioned in IRW financial guidelines;
  • Perform financial reviews to assess the strength and adequacy of the systems and business processes of implementing partners;
  • Perform risk based performance reviews of implementing partners on need basis;
  • To attend finance meetings and document key information and decisions as required;
  • Any other task assigned by the supervisor.


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