Finance and Administration Manager


Small Projects of Istanbul is looking for a new team member for the role of Finance and Administration Manager!

Job Title:    Finance and Administration Manager

Reporting to:    Directors

Background:      Auditing – Association Compliance – Financial Management

  1. Role Summary:

This role is responsible for the effective management and fulfillment of SPI’s Legal & Financial duties in order to ensure that the organisation is in full compliance with Turkish association regulations.
This role oversees the association administration requirements and internal financial activities.

Furthermore, this role is a shared resource for the business entity for which it oversees the financial activities and compliance.

Act in the organisation’s best interests, with reasonable care and skill to:

  • Ensure compliance with national regulations

  • Support the development and management of the SPI Social Enterprise

2.0 Main Responsibilities:

In relation to:

Financial Management/Accounts Payables:

  • Cooperating with the external Chartered Public Accountant

  • Ensuring that Association financial activities comply with Turkish Association law

  • Oversee all financial management and cash-handling

  • Managing the payment of staff salaries and related salary taxes

  • Managing the payment of Association taxes

  • Ensuring that the receipt books are maintained correctly

  • Manage procurement procedures for facility equipment

  • Development and implementation of financial management policies and systems

  • Ensure all staff are aware of and follow internal policies and procedures

Association Management and Compliance:

  • Responsible for Association legal issues; such as dealing with the tax department, Government Association Department office, bank, noter office etc.

  • Responsible for maintaining the Association ‘Decision Book’: Checking when the decisions should be written and writing the decisions in the decision book when necessary, having the Decision Book approved by the notary when necessary

  • Provide support to Directors for all other Association administration processes

Business Entity:

  • Support the administration and legal requirements of the Association Social Enterprise

  • Oversee the Social Enterprise financial activities and ensure compliance


  • Foster a supportive and positive environment, give support when suitable

  1. Key links – Gives and Gets in relation to other roles:

reported to by: Administration Officer and Financial Officer
required close communication with the Business Entity director

Gives: what do others need from you to do their jobs properly?

  • Troubleshooting and practical support for project administration problems

  • Cash advance allowance

  • Support and information on internal policies and procedures

  • Fulfillment of all administration and team management processes, providing all necessary information to enable directors to make appropriate decisions

  • Participation and fulfil of duties in relevant monitoring and evaluation processes

Gets: what do you need from others to do your job properly?

  • Compliance with internal policies and procedures

  • Support, collaboration and constructive feedback from office team

  • Respect and support from everyone, in order to fulfill the role effectively and contribute fully to our inclusive and exciting work space!

  • Motivation and encouragement from directors for productive work through formal- informative meetings, moral support

  1. Qualification and Experience

  • Strong background and experience in book keeping, accounts payable and/or other accounts functions

  • Data Processing ability

  • Competent in Excel and other Microsoft Office products

  • Ability to communicate in English

  • Outstanding organizational skills, tenacity and attention to detail

  • Initiative to develop more efficient methods

  • Ability to achieve deadlines

  • Initiative to develop more efficient methods

5.0 Time Commitment:

40 hours per week, 5 days Mon-Fri, mostly in the Community Center facility, required to represent the organisation at official departments, institutions, banks etc.

Expectation to participate in all Team meetings, and occasionally other sector events.

  • Years of Experience: 3 – 9 years of experience
  • Level of education: Bachelor’s(Graduate), Master’s(Student), Master’s(Graduate), Doctorate(Student), Doctorate(Graduate)
  • Languages: English( Reading : Advanced, Writing : Advanced, Speaking : Advanced)
  • Company Industry: Associations
  • Job Type : Permanent / Full-time
  • Number of vacancies: (Not Specified)
  • Job Location: İstanbul(Avr.)(Fatih)
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