Controlling Manager


         Controlling :

• Preparation of varianceanalysis between expected andactual results on the relevantvariables by comparing performancewith operating plans and standards and providing specific recommendations.
• Guaranteeing the coherencebetween management and consolidatedfinancial reporting by settingthe appropriate system / proceduresand reconciling periodically thevariances.
• Providing the correct and prompt information needed to prepare the group consolidatedfinancial statements as well the local subsidiaries financial statement to respective Board of Directorsand to any other concernedthird party, as well asto implement effectively administrativeand accounting procedures in compliance with the accountingdirectives issued by the parent company.
• Definition of general processes /structure / policies of companie’s management information systemfor financial, planning control  & reporting.

Reporting :

• Timely preparation ofdepartmental reports and profit and loss statements for each business unit and groupfunction ( ‘’ budget to actual ‘’ results ), in orderto guarantee the respect ofdeadlines in planning processes asper group calendars.
• Definition of the appropriate structure of managementreporting for the Boards ofDirectors, executive managers,relevant line managers andfor external financial communication.
• Managing the Financial Communication preparing the Annual and Interim Reporting, accordingto the company procedures and CFO directives and guidelines.
• Detecting all the possible accounting implications of desicions, actions or eventsregarding the operations of theGroup and evaluating the relevant impact on Financial Reporting.
• Contribution to financialplanning & development as a member ofthe financial management team.Distribution of Accounting & Financial reports to executiveand management teams. 


  • Accounting, Controlling, Financial Planning and Reporting, IFRS, Tax Management,and Turkish GAAP experiencerequired for minimum 5 years atmultinational environment.
  • Audit background is preferred.
  • Managerial experience required for minimum 3 years.
  • English with professional proficiency level.
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