Business Planning & Performance Manager


  1. Develop strategic financial objectives and sales plans in conjunction with the CAMENAT management team.
  2. Ensure that local financial objectives are coordinated with the relevant departments in Cambridge including legal, demand planning, supply chain and finance.
  3. Co-ordinate the work of local promotional and marketing departments to ensure that the interface between sales & marketing works efficiently and effectively for both parties.
  4. Manage the annual pricing review across the CAMENAT markets. Ensure local price books are loaded into Salesforce, as the foundation for calculating rep Opportunities Pipeline values.
  5. Manage the distribution and successful completion of the annual budgeting process.
  6. Analyse and evaluate pre-determined key performance indicators by market to increase awareness of performance across all CAMENAT markets e.g. performance against budget and prior year across both sales and expenditure lines.
  7. Track publishing windows against publication dates, ensuring that slippages do not affect product launches or on-time stock availability within markets.
  8. Coordinate and keep up-to-date records of regional Market Analysis data.

Knowledge and Experience

  • At least 5 years of relevant work experience
  • Commercial orientation
  • Strong analytical skills and numerical ability
  • Strong planning and organisational skills
  • Strong management and communication skills
  • Excellent English and IT skills


The purpose of this role is to support the achievement of financial objectives for the CAMENAT region, by ensuring that financial objectives are underpinned by clear sales plans, product demand and credit requirements. The post-holder will play the principal role in linking the work of the local promotional team with that of support departments in Cambridge including finance, legal, demand planning, supply chain and customer services.

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